The DuraPlate® Foldable Mobile Shelter

Wabash Composites DuraPlate foldable mobile shelterThe DuraPlate® Foldable Mobile Shelter (FMS) is a multipurpose solution for everything from mobile offices to temporary living quarters. For a fast, deployable, secure shelter to support disaster relief, field operations, event management, and many other applications, the DuraPlate FMS is built for durability. Foldable and quickly deployed, this shelter can be transported anywhere in the world quickly.

The DuraPlate FMS is constructed of foamed sandwich panels that consist of a polystyrene-foam core, DuraPlate composite panel exterior skins, and high-strength powder-coated structural steel frames. Built by the Wabash Composites division of Wabash National Corporation (NYSE: WNC) – a $1.5 billion leader in the dry freight semi-trailer, refrigerated semi-trailer and portable storage container markets – the DuraPlate FMS is engineered to perform.

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